Famous Websites For Data Extraction – Semalt Advice

Web scraping, also known as web harvesting, is a technique used to extract data from different websites. Web scraping tools access web pages using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol and scrape useful information as per your instructions. Bots or web crawlers are used for this purpose. They first gather data and save it in a central database. The next step is to scrape meaningful information for the users, and export files in the user-friendly formats. Researchers and marketers use web scrapers to extract data they need. Some of the most famous websites to extract data are mentioned below:

1. Travel websites:

The tourism industry has flourished in recent months, and now it is one of the most famous and profitable businesses on the net. You can easily create a travel portal and offer cheap local and international flights, hotels and transfer services to your customers. However, you have to make sure that the deals you offer are up-to-the-mark. For this purpose, you might need to extract data from other famous portals such as TripAdvisor and Trivago. TripAdvisor data was scraped numerous times, and you can easily develop your own website based on its data.

2. Job boards:

A job board makes it easy for us to find suitable positions to suit our expectations and educational background. When a company posts a job, potential candidates submit their resumes and profiles. This procedure is carried out until the company in question finds the right candidate. The most important thing that a job board needs to provide is the sheer volume of jobs on display. Thus, you can engage a large number of people and grow your business. Use Kimono Labs or Import.io to extract data from different job boards and build a platform where demand meets supply. Once the data is extracted, you should download it to your hard drive. Also, make sure that the data is accurate and contains brief introductions of both a job seeker and job provider.

3. News websites:

Scraping news articles is important if we want to keep an eye on the current events. What is the best way to obtain the data? You can use a web crawler or a data scraper (preferably Import.io) to extract useful information from different news portals. CNN, BBC, and other news outlets can be targeted with Import.io and Kimono Labs. Once the content is extracted, you can publish it on your own website and thus improve its search engine rankings. For instance, if you want news articles about Donald Trump, you'll find useful information on Google News. One of the primary advantages of scraping news sites is that you can do it with any tool and don't need programming skills at all. For startups, it's a golden opportunity to grow their business and scrape high-quality data.

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